Barn Restoration


Montana has a rich history that includes beautiful architecture. The buildings of the old west carry their own stories. Weathered materials, generations of neglect, or generations of love and passing throughout many different Montana families, but each has their own story to tell. Located on farms, ranches, in cities and many remote settlements, these historical beauties stand majestically throughout our great state. A few years back we were graced with the opportunity to provide our skills and experience to restore an older barn (circa 1892).

This barn is a beautiful, big, red barn surrounded by converted silos and sweeping views of the surrounding Montana lands. This place is an absolute joy for anyone to witness. Working with the already established open space of the building, we capitalized on our own talents in antique design, contemporary furniture and rustic aesthetics. Using a perfectly meshed partnership of the three we were able to achieve a balance that gave the residents a much desired comfort.

Open floor plans, such as this barn, require a true understanding of interior design to pull off the perfect form. Our team, led by Kathy Koelzer was able to consider what was available in terms of space and the already established design and use it to create a beautiful home that provided more than just style, but also livable comfort and an ideal flow throughout the home.

The history of the barn, the antique furniture mixed with the contemporary styles and Montana charm subtly brought this barn to life.