Springhill Foothills Farm


Located in the Springhill Foothills area just north of Bozeman, this tastefully crafted home required the same sensible direction for the interior decor. Led by our own interior designer, Kathy Koelzer we supplied the design with home furnishings that would compliment this amazing residence. Capitalizing on the natural woods and stone used throughout the home, we used our knowledge and understanding of the look and appeal of a rustic mountain home.

Like all of our designs, we use only the home furnishings that make sense, including contemporary, antique and rustic furniture that builds out comfortable, livable rooms in the home.

In this specific interior design project, and much like all others, we take our influence from the natural surrounding environments. This is to support a universal beauty in and throughout the home that is less invasive on the natural aura, and ultimately, more supporting. Thus building on the synchronicity between outdoors and indoors. Using natural woods, beautiful, rich complimentary colors and materials that enhance the project, but never taking away from the surroundings, we are able to build what becomes more than an interior design project, but more of a work of art for the residents.